Our pup died today.

I was in the vet surgery, but could just have easily been back in that ICU room loosing all over again.

It rushes back, the pain, the grip on your insides that squeezes and oozes.

At this point in time I haven’t told 2 of my kids, one overseas, one at work early. I don’t want to load more grief into their worlds, they have suffered enough. But I know I have to and have faith that they will feel enough love around them to ease the grip on their insides.

Loss is compounding, it doesn’t just add up together and let you feel it one singular part at a time. It all piles on top of itself like a weighted vest, suddenly and all consuming.

family 0073Sally was 15 and a half. She was part of our family, she grew up with my kids, came on holidays and was part of our family photo shoot. She was part of us. I remember when I came home without her master, she was sad and confused. She would look past me begging for her master to come behind me…but he never did.  But she kept loving us, kept needing our attention, kept being part of the family. We will miss her.

Here’s to a very, very good pup, loved and adored by us all.

Sally, you can go to your master now xxx

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